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  1. Seirdy's Home

    My personal IndieWeb site. I write about and develop software to promote user autonomy. Topics include accessibility, security, privacy, and software freedom.

  2. Site design standards - Seirdy

    The accessibility statement and design standards I hold myself to when creating

  3. Privacy policy - Seirdy

    Privacy policy for

  4. The right thing for the wrong reasons: FLOSS doesn't imply security

    While source code is critical for user autonomy, it isn't required to evaluate software security or understand run-time behavior.

  5. WhatsApp and the domestication of users - Seirdy

    WhatsApp's rise and recent PR efforts highlight a class of business models that I call "user domestication".

  6. Best practices for inclusive textual websites - Seirdy

    A lengthy guide to making simple, inclusive sites focused on content before form. Emphasizes brutalist design and accessibility to include under-represented users.

  7. A look at search engines with their own indexes - Seirdy

    A cursory review of all the non-metasearch, indexing search engines I have been able to find.


  9. Rohan Kumar - Seirdy

    Detail-oriented, committed, self-motivated, OSS enthusiast proficient in Python, Go, Linux/UNIX systems, and cloud-native computing looking for an internship.

  10. Meta: about this site - Seirdy

    About this site. How it's built, why it's built that way, privacy, accessibility, mirrors, etc.