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These are all of my long-form articles. An Atom feed contains their full text. If that has any problems, I also have a legacy RSS feed.

Timestamp format: YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM, as per RFC 3339. Sorted newest to oldest.

  1. MDN’s AI Help can’t critically examine training data’s gaps, biases, and unrelated topics. It’s a useful demonstration of LLMs’ uncorrectable lucid lies.

  2. A compilation of my reasons and non-reasons for proactively de-federating from Facebook/Meta-affiliated projects, and refusing to support them.

  3. Documentation on which Fediverse blocklists I offer, how they are made, their differences, their caveats, and their intended use.

  4. "Privacy" can mean different things in different contexts. Tracking-reduction and tracking-evasion represent different goals with some conflict and overlap.

  5. Seirdy's obligatory inagural blog post, which is barely longer than this description.