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Making POSSE work

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I just learned that dedicated IndieWeb clients do exist! Sharing for those less familiar:

Social readers fetch your feeds (RSS, Atom, h-feed, WebSub) from a MicroSub server and post replies to your site with MicroPub. Your site sends Webmentions. The result resembles the pre-ActivityPub, OStatus-based Fediverse but with single-user instances. RSS/Atom feeds for Fediverse accounts and POSSE connect the IndieWeb and Fediverse; alternatively, your site can implement both. POSSE’s advantage over PESOS is directing people towards your site, where they can see Webmentions from places besides their silo. It allows interoperability.

I prefer the classic static site approach. I only need a static file server and a Webmention receiver; a post-push git hook sends Webmentions and semi-automatically POSSEs to the Fediverse. When I finally set up WebSub, it’ll ping my publisher. My approach slows me down enough to think through what I say. I want my site to feature my best content; my non-POSSE silo content should be more disposable or context-specific.

I don’t have the context of everyone else’s tweets

Reply-contexts help, but I prefer combining one-sentence titles with interleaved quoting.