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Google drops Webp2 and JPEG-XL

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Earlier this month, Google re-branded its WebP2 repository to clarify that WebP 2 will not be released as an image format.. This week, Google deprecated Chromium’s off-by-default JPEG-XL support, citing a lack of interest and improvement over existing formats. Most commits to libjxl, the reference JPEG-XL implementation, are from “” email addresses; I imagine that this decision could impact libjxl development.

I doubt we’ll be seeing new image formats on the Web for the next few years: there’s very incomplete JPEG-XL support in Firefox and Safari only just got AVIF support

JPEG-XL and WebP2 would have been great for lossless compression. The best lossless compression we currently have is WebP-lossless, which doesn’t support e.g. higher color depths. For that, we’re stuck with PNG.