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Profile hydration

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Many open standards can support profile hydration:

Map an email identifier to supported verified accounts.
The IndieWeb
Map a webpage with h-card to any account. This can pair with other forms of authentication, such as RelMeAuth.
Map an email-like identifier (an acct: URI) to a list of links.
Mpload a vCard containing profile information, possibly with “share contact”.

I think h-card-based hydration is the best place to start. We can later add support for more options:

  • Keyoxide profiles already contain h-card microformats, so we get that for free.
  • h-card microformats can have u-key properties, potentially triggering an Ariadne-based verification of accounts enumerated by the h-card.
  • h-card can map to vCard4

Depending on how keyoxide-web issue 141 goes, WebFinger could also indirectly give Keyoxide support.