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OpenSSL and QUIC

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A rough timeline of QUIC support in OpenSSL-like libraries:

  1. BoringSSL implements QUIC.

  2. Quiche, a QUIC library, requires BoringSSL. Nginx can be patched to use Quiche for HTTP/3.

  3. Nginx’s experimental QUIC branch (nginx-quic) is released. It requires BoringSSL.

  4. Some organizations (mostly Akamai) fork OpenSSL to implement the BoringSSL QUIC API, calling their fork QuicTLS. They plan to upstream changes.

  5. nginx-quic supports building with QuicTLS too.

  6. OpenSSL decides against the BoringSSL API and declines QuicTLS patches, preferring to write their own incompatible implementation.

  7. LibreSSL implements the BoringSSL QUIC API.

  8. nginx-quic can link against LibreSSL as well as BoringSSL and QuicTLS; they all use similar APIs.

(I believe wolfSSL is mostly compatible with the BoringSSL QUIC API, but I might be wrong.)

Developers will have a harder time supporting multiple TLS implementations, hurting the viability of e.g. LibreSSL-based distributions.