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Re: blindness awareness month AMA

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The most common and major accessibility (a11y) issues tend to be documented and well-known among a11y practitioners; however, “smaller” or “niche” issues (for lack of a better term) tend to go unnoticed. For instance, I recently learned that over-use of soft-hyphens can trip up the speech synthesis of the NVDA screen reader, and styling superscripts/subscripts a certain way can stop screen readers from announcing them. I also learned about how performance issues can cause delays in screen readers, making content exposed to screen readers fall out-of-sync with the actual page. We won’t learn about this in accessibility tutorials or W3C documentation! The only way to discover these issues is to use many screen readers for a long time.

What are some accessibility hazards—or even mild annoyances—you experience, that you don’t think most a11y practitioners learn about? Is there a common annoyance you wouldn’t normally bring up because it seems “too minor”?