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State of the Tor Uplift

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Currently, the Tor Browser is based on Firefox Extended Support Release (ESR); it lags behind stable releases by up to and only receives the subset of security backports deemed to be a high-enough priority.

The Tor Uplift project is an initiative to upstream all the Tor Browser’s patches into Firefox. Its goal is to make re-basing the Tor browser patches easy enough for the Tor Browser to track Firefox’s stable release channel. The Tor Uplift has been in progress for , with several of the Tor Browser’s biggest modifications successfully upstreamed (first-party isolation, fingerprinting resistance, and more robust proxy support).

On , Firefox 102 ESR was released. Today, on , Firefox 91 ESR will lose support. That gave a window of about three months (the duration of three Firefox stable releases) to re-base Tor Browser patches.

The first stable release of the Tor Browser based on ESR 102 hasn’t yet shipped (it’s close; an alpha version is available). Seven years into the Tor uplift, the Tor Project isn’t able to keep up with the Firefox ESR release calendar. I don’t think the Tor Uplift will succeed at getting the Tor Browser to track Firefox’s stable channel; at best, it’s keeping the Tor Browser from falling too far behind ESR.


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Hmm, but does it need to bring Tor Browser on par to be a success? It has already reduced maintenance work and brought neat features into Firefox. To me, that already made it a success many years ago...


what alternative do you suggest and why is that not the best possible solution though? my firefox browser already has some very cool features from trustworthy people

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