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WAI-Adapt fallbacks to equivalent microformats

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I noticed that the Comparison of ways to use vocabulary in content page on the personalization-semantics wiki didn’t mention Microformats. Microformats add semantic meaning to individual HTML elements; this is in contrast to document-level semantic formats like Microdata, RDFa, and JSON-LD.

There’s a 1-1 mapping between many microformats and values in the WAI-Adapt Content Module. Several values under section 4.3.4 (values for “purpose”) are already specified in h-card microformats2, for instance. You can find plenty of live h-card implementations on the IndieWeb Webring directory.

w3c/coga Issue 69 also references overlap between “destination” vocabulary and rel values. Microformats leverage rel attributes like rel="license" and rel="home"; these seem equivalent to the “terms” and “home” values for destination attributes.

I propose the addition of microformats2 to the comparison wiki page, and would support either merging the content module with microformats or specifying a mapping for fallback.

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Update : the Content module has since been re-named to the Symbols module; I’ve updated the link in the this post.