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Re: water usage infographic

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I have mixed feelings about infographics that reduce ecological footprints to single scalar non-fungible values.

Infographics like these should have a second metric for “average rainfall in areas producing required ingredients”, since water isn’t fungible. Chocolate wouldn’t look as bad then.

And a third metric for fuel required to import the food and ingredients during production. Chocolate would look bad again, since it’s typically produced far away from where cacao grows. Maybe this should be generated based on a viewer’s approximate location, to better account for shipping.

Also, this infographic ignores serving size by measuring the same mass of all these different foods. I’m not sure who buys equal masses of chocolate and rice.

(Original infographic source)


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It makes a good point but it's oversimplified past the point of usefulness IMO


@fristi imported rice is so cheap it became the stable food in many regions replacing wheat, barely and milletyou can’t expect poor people to opt for the more expensive alternatives even if they are better for the environment as for chocolate, cocoa producers should start making them


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@WahbAllat @Seirdy tbh even if rice isn't the very best choice out of this list, it's still a fairly good choice. One thing that should be kept in mind for both rice and potatoes is that they are pure raw carbs that can keep you energetic for quite a long time. I agree with Seirdy that the numbers in this book kinda dumb down the information you're getting, and that it's not that strictly about looking at how much resources are needed per kilogram of meat/veg. While beef takes a lot of resour…

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