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Re: Addition of data for the SerenityOS Browser

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There’s always the possibility of including SerenityOS data in the MDN BCD tables, but not displaying it on MDN just yet. This could give other projects a chance to use these tables for their own purposes. I think a lack of information on feature compatibility is one of the things holding back website compatibility with non-mainstream engines.

Non-mainstream engines are in a bit of a “catch-22” situation: enthusiast developers don’t support them because there’s not enough compatibility info; users stick with mainstream engines due to better compatibility; and other developers don’t support alternative engines because nobody uses them. Introducing some docs won’t break this cycle, but it could disrupt the cycle ever so slightly.

I would love to see feature comparisons of alternative engines (SerenityOS LibWeb, NetSurf, litehtml, Flow Browser, Servo, et. al.). Maybe including just one alternative engine could be a step in that direction, and the SerenityOS browser looks like the most active of the bunch.