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Re: GH Copilot takes

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They are like workers that are hired.

Laws around “works for hire” come with their own copyright baggage that assumes workers are actual people; for instance, these laws include mechanisms by which workers can claim copyright themselves.

I’m not opposed to the general principle of training a model on copyrighted works potentially being fair use; however, the generated works would need to be sufficiently novel or seemingly “creative” by human standards for it to work. Otherwise, you’re in “derived work” territory. This, I think, is a major difference between the likes of DALL-E and Midjourney, and the likes of Copilot.

I personally found all the discourse way too hilarious, and wrote a satirical article on it only to get clobbered by Poe’s Law: An experiment to test GitHub Copilot’s legality.


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I'm not so sure there is such a *major* difference between copilot and things like DALL-E here.Ask a powerful AI image generation model to generate "Homer Simpson eating a donut". That, and what you get is likely fairly close to prompting copilot to regurgitate a famous algorithm, with some variables renamed.It's not exactly the same, but this is a difficult area across domains.@alcinnz @humanetech


@Froggo @alcinnz @dctrud Enjoying all the discussions. Yes, it is complicated. Some of the discussion can be hilarious @Seirdy while all of us noobs try to ponder implications of these new revolutionary technologies. I liked the blog you have written about it, thank you.Btw, #DALLE is in beta now. one comment mentioning you get full commercial usage rights, where part of this discussion is held too..

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