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Introducing breadcrumbs

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I just rolled out breadcrumbs for my website. Now, any page that is not linked directly from the navbar or site footer will have a breadcrumb list in its header. The breadcrumb list shows how to reach the page, starting from a navbar link. The first item is the navbar or footer link; the second link is the current page.

I made this change because simply emphasizing a navigation link with <strong> isn’t enough to convey the current section to assistive technologies. With this change, I’ve done more than the bare minimum to meet WCAG 2.2 SC 2.4.8: Location.

With the presence of breadcrumbs, there are now more navigation-related links before the main content. Before, adding a skip-link would have saved a user five keystrokes; now, it could save a user seven. I’ll probably add a skip-link next.