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Would love to see something that conforms properly to the WAI Authoring practices and supports microformats2. That could combine well with a stylesheet that doesn’t use any custom classes, just microformats classes and role attribute selectors.

My current site doesn’t actually use any classes in the CSS apart from image-rendering utility classes; I use POSH, ARIA and microformats selectors for everything else.

The great thing about a purely semantic stylesheet is re-usability across other websites.


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The design I've got in mind (and briefly described today) should work well with any stylesheet, but especially ones which don't use custom classes! And as always I'll make sure I have a nice fallback stylesheet!Attribute editting would be complete but deemphasized. The main limitation in what I have in mind is lack of support for webform editting. Though I prefer that to be seperate anyways, with something that can handle the submissions... And double-nesting would be tricky...


Oh, and yes I'd be interested in somehow exposing this to webservices as a form input type they can reuse!Given the architecture I have in mind that should be straightforward! Hardest would be designing an API that degrades gracefully...


@alcinnz There are limits to what you can do with purely semantic style sheets, and microformats don't help with that. Plus, reusability is not guaranteed. Say your microformat (with pseudo markup) tags a first and second name. You could have e.g.<blah role=first>foo</blah><blorp role=second>bar</blorp>And you can apply some kind of format to these elements, and be happy. Say you align them so that the second name is big, and the first name floats...

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