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Mullvad audit

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Mullvad’s recent audit by Assured AB was a bit concerning to me. Fail2ban and user-writable scripts running as root is not the sort of thing I’d expect in a service whose only job is to provide a secure relay.

Avoiding and guarding root should be Sysadmin 101 material.

I recommend any amateur Linux admins read audit reports like this. While some low-priority recommendations are a but cargo-cultish, most advice is pretty solid. Frankly, much of this is the sort of thing a good admin should catch well before a proper audit.


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Like I'd understand this on a personal server or something but if you advertise running everything in-memory for security reasons but still run user-writable programs as root then someone's priorities are off.


While I would agree that some recommendations/findings are good and I should even look if my product complies, I am particularly triggered by the compilation flags. "Do some lobbying with the upstream" is idle talk. "Hello Python Debian package maintainers, I know many skilled security folks already asked for the PIE flag over the last decade, and all the Debian core packages use it, but please, can you add it? I've been told it is bad to not have it and I need it because some securit…

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