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XML adventures

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xml:space would make whitespace issues easier to handle and simplify my current solution, but not everything supports XML namespaces; I want to keep this polygot HTML5 and XHTML5 markup for now.

Eventually I’ll offer certain enhancements to the XHTML version (add index.xhtml to the URLs or remove text/html form your Accept header but include application/xhtml+xml) and I’ve already made my Atom feeds a bit simpler, but there’s a lot to do before then.

I’ve added ActivityStreams, OStatus, and friends to my Atom feeds; maybe I could add them to my XHTML pages using namespaces, if RDFa doesn’t work out. First I wanna try my hand at writing an ontology for webrings so people can mark up their webrings with RDFa/microdata. That’ll make it easy to do things like check for broken webrings or build cool visualizations of overlapping rings.

I should also try my hand at XSLT for the Atom feeds to get a baseline browser preview.