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Resize and reflow

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This is a good article on the difference between SC 1.4.4 and 1.4.10. However, I don’t think these criteria go far enough:

Even narrower viewports exist. KaiOS devices tend to have 240 px viewports; smartwatches tend to have half the width of a phone while emulating a phone width (Apple Watches can be instructed not to do this with a proprietary meta tag). Of course, making sites watch-compatible is a stretch, but support for feature phones running KaiOS should be reasonable. I wrote about this more in Best practices for inclusive textual websites.

Another thing worth remembering is that users can change default fonts or override sire-set fonts. Don’t just test with default default fonts; test with something wider. These criteria should specify some font metrics or (royalty free) representative wide fonts to use for testing.