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Prologue to the meta post

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I’ve been planning on writing a big “meta” post explaining how this site is built, but first I want to reach a few milestones, most of which are IndieWeb-related. Here’s what I’ve already done:

  • Microformats
  • More semantic markup: Creative Commons and vocabularies
  • Web sign-in (using an IndieAuth service)
  • multiple types of posts
  • Sending Webmentions
  • Displaying Webmentions
  • User-sendable Webmentions with a form
  • RSS feeds for posts and notes
  • Atom feed for posts and notes with ActivityStreams metadata
  • Automatic POSSE of bookmarks to TinyGem (bookmarking service)

However, I still have a ways to go. Here’s what I plan on adding:

  • Add some semantic markup to list online “friends”, probably using FOAF ontology
  • Preview Webmention entry contents
  • Related to previous point: create a blogroll
  • Automatic POSSE of notes to Fedi (it’s mostly manual right now)
  • Combined Atom feed
  • WebSub
  • Permalinks for bookmarks
  • Atom feed for bookmarks
  • Automatic POSSE of bookmarks to Fedi
  • Time-period based pagination and navigation on notes/posts page.

Once I finish the above, I’ll be ready for a “meta” post. Some more tasks after that:

  • Run my own WebSub hub.
  • Add my own front-end for search results (my first non-static content).
  • Pingback support
  • Create a webring. What I’ve learned while doing the above will inform inclusion criteria.