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Website todo

Here’s a catalog of all the website improvements I hope to make on, but haven’t gotten to yet (and some that I have).

Improvements to do

These are roughly in descending order of importance:

  • Implement the well-known button standard (by Arch, via this Fediverse post) so people can discover my button more easily.

  • Add a blogroll.

  • Create separate pages for bookmarks instead of filling them all on one page, and add Atom/RSS feeds for them.

  • Test website in the newest Dillo release now that it’s been taken over by a new team.

  • Add alternate optional stylesheet with more character.

  • Add an HTML sitemap.

  • Get CI working again.

  • Add an i2p eepsite.

  • Add a Yggdrassil node.

  • Re-introduce WebSub functionality, with my own WebSub Hub.

  • Switch Nginx from BoringSSL to WolfSSL (BoringSSL is a pain to compile).

  • Fix and bring back search functionality.

  • Switch to short-lived/week-long certificates.

  • Enable Encrypted Client Hello, possibly by switching from Nginx to the H2O Web Server.

  • Generate JSON payloads of per-section Webmentions server-side ahead of time so that site builds can be faster. Right now, it’s one big JSON object of Webmentions across the whole site that each page has to search through, slowing down build times.

  • Add support for page numbers in the Table of Contents (ToC) when on print media, and re-enable the ToC on print.

Improvements already made

June 2024

May 2024

  • Wrapped details elements in borders to distinguish them in print media and to emphasize that the contents can be toggled.

  • Hid the broken ToC on my print stylesheet, which is useless in print without page numbers.

April 2024

  • Added a badges page to the meta section.

  • Moved all non-idempotent/static parts to separate subdomains so the primary domain can get 0-RTT.