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This site has multiple feeds for different sections. I offer both Atom and RSS feeds; I strongly recommend using the Atom feeds, as I don’t really make an effort to validate my RSS feeds. I only keep the RSS feeds around for compatibility with legacy clients.

They contain the full-text of their entries; this means that the “Combined” feed doubles as a single-file archive of all my content. It’s also rather big, weighing almost a megabyte before compression (under 200 kb after Brotli compression). Don’t refresh more often than you need to.

Once the compressed size of an Atom feed crosses half a megabyte, I’ll consider setting up paginated feeds.

Atom feeds


RSS feeds

If you experience issues with Atom feeds, try an RSS feed:

Compatibility notes

I tested the feeds to work well in Newsboat, Pale Moon, Vivaldi’s feed reader, and a few Firefox-extension-based feed readers. I do not necessarily endorse all these clients.

Surprisingly, Microsoft Outlook supports feeds; however, it can’t parse un-escaped XHTML entry contents in my Atom feeds. I escape entry contents in the legacy RSS feeds for broken clients like Outlook.