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Classic web badges

My collection of over 70 88x31 badges, representing what I and this site use and stand for. If you have a badge you’d like me to add, just ask; it needs to have a format under 3 kb and avoid excessively flashy animations for me to consider it. See some tools I use for image optimization.

My badge

Use this to link to me!

My favicon, a white colon and semicolon on a black backround, next to the word Seirdy.

Note that this image’s URL is cache-busted. It will change any time I alter my badge, and is not hotlink-friendly. If you wish to hotlink, use one of these URLs:

Code snippet 1 (Shell): Code to generate my 88x31 button using my favicon.svg file, ImageMagick, rsvg-convert, and pngquant.
magick -background black -size 56x31 -fill white \
  -gravity center -font "Iosevka-Term" -pointsize 16 'label:Seirdy' \
rsvg-convert favicon.svg -aw 31 \
  | convert - tmp.png +append -background white -splice 1x0+31+0 \
    -shave 1x1 -bordercolor white -border 1 - \
  | pngquant -s 1 28 - >sticker_88x31.png
rm tmp.png

About this site

Site design standards

Read more about the design of this site in my site design standards page.

The text “any browser you like.” next to a light prism. Lynx Enhanced. 100% hand-coded HTML. This site is certified 100% cookie free! Proudly zero JavaScript! Web 1.1. Is it slow? Say so! Made for Dark Mode! Mobile friendly. W3C valid HTML5. W3C valid CSS. Valid Atom feed. Valid RSS feed. W3C WAI-AA WCAG 2.2.

Software that runs on

Powered by Fedora™. Nginx powered. LLVM compiler infrastructure. The Tor Project. Logo for the Hugo static site generator. I heart validator.

Other info about this site

Smug panda fursona next to the text “Web 14”. Tildeverse. Webmentions supported. The word “IPv6” next to a green checkmark. Creative Commons BY-SA license. AGPL v3: Free Software. It stands for GNU Affero General Public Licence, version 3.

Notes on “About this site” badges

The W3C Valid HTML5 badge isn’t offered by the new Nu HTML Checker because HTML5 is about conformance, not validity. I use it anyways because my markup does fully conform and is well-formed polygot XHTML5, despite false-positives from validators; see my conformance statement.

I build Nginx, Conduit, Webmentiond, and other software for using LLVM in a Chimera Linux container, due to LLVM’s release-build-optimized sanitizers such as ControlFlowIntegrity.

Anonymize the web now! The dark green text “fucking webmaster” on a shell prompt in a terminal window. ISO-8601 now! YYYY-MM-DD. Keep the Web free. Say no to Web3. I support Net Neutrality. No <blink> tags! 3.0. The text “Campaign against frames!” next to a crossed-out webpage full of frames. I support right to repair. The text “Web Interoperability Pledge” next to a drawing of gears. A wasp next to the words “standards NOW!” Yellow ribbon: online friendship means something!

I included “Right to repair” in this section because I think that page-alteration (via adblockers, inspect-element, userstyles, etc.) counts as exercising one’s right to (software) repair. Free software, accessibility, and Right to Repair are interlinked. I previously microblogged in defense of content blocking from a right-to-repair perspective.

Ideological affinity, other

I might eventually move these to a separate page under the “About” section of my site.

No nazi. No fascism. No racism. Anime is gay as hell but I approve! The words “It's okay to give your bros some love” next to two anime boys kissing. The words “catboys meow!” next to a silhouette of a cat head flapping its ears. genderfluid flag. Trans rights now! ADHD. The words “autistic as fuck” flash over a pick background. The word “fuck” is censored. Defective by design. Eliminate DRM now! The characters “8 8 8 C 0” over the vertical strips of the digital free speech flag.

Things I use

See my “uses” page for some more information.

Join the fediverse. Project Gutenberg. Internet Archive. search. Made with NeoVim. FFmpeg. The word “youtube-dl” flashes on a command prompt. Matrix. uBlock Origin now!

Friendly sites

These are some people/websites I think are cool! I might eventually move these to a separate page under the “About” section of my site.


Sites that link back to me:

the word “tea” over a nonbinary flag next to a blushing personified teacup. Daudix. DJ Chase. astrid dot tech in glitchy distorted letters.

Other personal sites

the word “keith” after a tilde and a bone, with a rainbow border. www dot itzzen dot net. The word “moth” in a brown-on-orange palette next to a flat inverted moth icon. Georgemoody. Owl’s Roost. easrng. Viatrix.

Other sites

eighty eight thirty dot one. YesterWeb: reclaim the net. El Goonish Shive. xkcd.

Notes on “Friendly sites” badges

The Yesterweb is winding down its social activity after admin burnout, but it remains an important place during the Old Web revival of the late-2010s to early-2020s. I’m keeping the badge even if the rest of the shuts down (though it’ll probably stick around in archived form).


Close-up of Lain Iwakura’s eyes with a static filter. The text “This site is Miku-approved” next to Hatsune Miku. The words “graphic design is my passion” next to a bad drawing of a frog. Sarcasm implied. I heart horror.


Many were sourced from, which itself sources from other directories.

The following badges come from the sites they link to:

  • Any browser you like
  • 100% hand-coded HTML
  • Atom and RSS validation badges
  • Web-14 censorship panda
  • AGPLv3 license
  • Say no to Web3
  • Web Interoperability Pledge
  • Standards NOW!
  • Yellow ribbon
  • Autistic as fxxk
  • Defective by Design
  • All “friendly sites” badges except xkcd (I don’t know who made that)

Other credits: