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Meta: about this site

How I run this site

With the exception of search-result pages, this site’s public-facing content is statically-generated using the Hugo static-site generator. I list all the server-side software on my “uses” page. All programs on my server that did not come pre-installed with Fedora Cloud Edition are statically-linked binaries built by me, running in heavily sandboxed environments. Most services run with their own root directories (i.e. they run in chroots).

Hugo pulls Webmentions from my Webmention endpoint during builds, so I can have statically-generated comments. Although I did use a pre-made theme a long time ago, I’ve since gradually re-written the site; my theme is now original. See my site design standards for my design goals.

Services this site relies on

This site is hosted on a virtual private server I rent from Digital Ocean, with 1 virtual CPU and 1 GB of memory. I don’t necessarily endorse Digital Ocean; for now, I’m only using it for the free credits. I use name servers from deSEC, and do recommend it to others who want managed DNSSEC.

This site encrypts HTTPS traffic with an OCSP-stapled TLS certificate signed by Let’s Encrypt. It regularly pulls package updates from Fedora’s official repository mirrors.

Other versions of this site

This website’s canonical location is on

This page also exists on the tildeverse, a bunch of *nix computers that let people sign up for shell accounts. A typical shell account features clients for IRC and email, common terminal/commandline utilities, and (most importantly) web hosting. Read about the tildeverse’s origins, read the FAQ, pick a tilde and get started. My Tildeverse pages will serve as a “rough draft”.

Content on this site also appears on my Gemini capsule. My Web and Gemini content may be slightly different: I often phrase things differently to accommodate the strengths and weaknesses of each medium.

I have a Tor hidden Web service which mirrors this site’s contents, except for the fact that it replaces some SVGs with PNGs.

This site is featured in some cool directories.

Website “clubs”

The by inspired a number of similar website “clubs”. I’m in all the ones I’m aware of except for the No CSS Club and the 1kb club.

Other directories

Pending directories

Awards and badges

Badge with text: 100% score in website test, offers an automated website security check. Relevant buzzwords include IPv6, DNSSEC, TLS, HTTP security headers, and RPKI. See a report for

Bitmap font reading: “Viatrix's ISO 8601 Award! Seirdy's Home, awarded 23/17/22”

sent me an “ISO-8601 Award” for using the Correct Date Format. In her words: It shows my like of ISO 8601, and trolls anyone trying to read the Awarded date.

written By human, not by AI

Not By AI offers badges to indicate that content is not generated by “Artificial Intelligence” (i.e., machine learning) in the wake of a wave of text-to-image and language models. At the time of writing, 100% of the content on this website is manually written. The only “algorithmic” writing aid I have is NeoVim’s default spell-checking and word suggestions, and occasionally use a simple prose linter for weak suggestions (most of which I ignore).

More about this site

Timestamp format: YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM, as per RFC 3339. Sorted newest to oldest.

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    A demonstration page to help diagnose Content-Security-Policy issues in browser software.

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    Every WCAG 2.2 success criterion, and how achieves it. I list techniques I used and areas for improvement. This page is a work in progress.

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    The accessibility statement and design standards I hold myself to when creating

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