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This page also exists on the tildeverse, a bunch of *nix computers that let people sign up for shell accounts. A typical shell account features clients for IRC and email, common terminal/commandline utilities, and (most importantly) web hosting. Read about the tildeverse’s origins, read the FAQ, pick a tilde and get started. My Tildeverse pages will serve as a “rough draft”.

Content on this site also appears on my Gemini capsule. My Web and Gemini content may be slightly different: I often phrase things differently to accommodate the strengths and weaknesses of each medium.

I have a Tor hidden Web service which mirrors this site’s contents, except for the fact that it replaces some SVGs with PNGs.

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Bitmap font reading: “Viatrix's ISO 8601 Award! Seirdy's Home, awarded 23/17/22”

sent me an “ISO-8601 Award” for using the Correct Date Format. In her words: It shows my like of ISO 8601, and trolls anyone trying to read the Awarded date.

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    Every WCAG 2.2 success criterion, and how achieves it. I list techniques I used and areas for improvement. This page is a work in progress.

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    The accessibility statement and design standards I hold myself to when creating

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    Privacy policy for

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