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Here are some things that others have said about me:

you opened me to a much tamer yet productive way of thought by reading your posts and notes. I like that. thanks for that

not a collection of seo-optimized ai generated content! actually a real human being. “10/10”

you do stuff that has a lot of value

bullies me by calling me cute 0/10

how much will you pay us for these [testimonials]

seirdy is a semicolon and a colon whos cool! meow im a cat!

who the hell is seirdy

the serd

crushy blushy fedi idol

Meow, you’re kind of cool?

Seirdy is like if you made a mod a person. It’s really horrifying.

TODO: mark this up an h-feed: a <ul> element containing <li> children with itemprop="dataFeedElement" markup, and <figure class="h-entry"> grandchildren.