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Fediverse greeting

Hey, I’m Please read the “Follow requests” section before following me on the Fediverse (Fedi). The rest is optional.

Follow requests

If you’re on an instance with more than 10k active users (such as,, or I’m unlikely to accept. You might have to wait a while. I recommend migrating to a smaller instance, preferably one with fewer than 1k active users.

If you want me to consider accepting your follow request, you need to have made multiple posts. Your profile should also contain at least three of the following:

  • A profile picture (blind users exempt)
  • A bio
  • Your pronouns
  • A personal website
  • Interactions with me within a week of sending a follow-request

Alternatively: DM me to introduce yourself and say why you want to follow me.

If you’re really close to hateful/hostile instances, I’ll reject.

Fedi practices

If I say something insensitive or interact with someone I shouldn’t, please let me know so I can be better. My DMs are open (i.e., you can always send me a direct message), and I have other forms of contact on my About page

I try to always always add content-warnings (CWs) to sensitive topics. Sometimes, I CW “regular” topics; common examples include “FediMeta”, “accessibility”, and “shitpost”. The latter type of CW allows you to reduce the prevalence of some of my interests in your timeline.

I am okay with you using whichever post-visibility you wish when replying to me, but I speak only for myself. If I want to talk to you privately I will use an alternate means of communication.

If I want to make a well-thought-out post that could benefit others, I’ll post it to my website’s “notes” section and syndicate it to Fedi as per the IndieWeb’s “POSSE” (Publish on Own Site, Syndicate Elsewhere) practice. My notes also have a dedicated Atom and RSS feed. This is much lower-volume and “cleaner” than my Fediverse profile, if that’s what you prefer.

I will probably not boost pictures lacking alt-text, descriptions in the post body, or captions in comments. If I see a nice un-captioned picture, I’ll comment with my own caption instead. I often use a screen reader to reduce overstimulation and eye strain, and I sometimes use textual clients that can’t display images; alt-text is really important to me!

I restricted my followers after I already had a few hundred so be aware that I didn’t approve them all.