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About Seirdy (Rohan Kumar, aka Cadmus)

I’m known as Seirdy, or as Rohan/Cadmus (interchangeable). There are some differences between these two personas, but the line between the two is blurry. It’s fine to mix them up. Yes, I’m plural! It’s no secret, but I don’t usually show it. I haven’t yet come up with a system name.

This page lists my most relevant accounts. A more comprehensive list of my online accounts is available via WebFinger: Any currently-active public account not listed via WebFinger isn’t actually me; please let me know if you find one.

I’ve published a version of my OpenPGP key via Web Key Directory; this version has notations containing Ariadne identity proofs for a few more accounts of mine. You can verify those accounts on any Keyoxide instance (requires JavaScript). I hope to migrate identity proofs to something besides OpenPGP in the future.

Rohan/Cadmus: meat­space persona

I go by Rohan Kumar in “real life” (work, school, family, etc), or as Cadmus with friends.

I intentionally make very delayed updates to information such as my location.

Somewhere in New England, USA
Time zone
America/New_York (EST, UTC-05:00; or EDT, UTC-04:00 during daylight savings)
Software forges
Sourcehut (preferred)

My preferred forge for personal projects is Sourcehut, but my repositories have remotes for GitHub, GitLab, and Codeberg too. I accept contributions from any of these platforms; use whichever you prefer.

Seirdy: online persona

I go by Seirdy online. I have multiple online personas, but Seirdy is my main one and the only one I feel comfortable associating with my meatspace persona. Seirdy is a bit of an abstract character, a bit less “professional” than Rohan and Cadmus.

Social (Fediverse) (primary) (Lemmy)
Social (centralized)
“Seirdy” on Linux Weekly News
Reddit (inactive)
“Hacker” News
OpenPGP public key
1E892DB2A5F84479 (also available via Web Key Directory)
IRC: “Seirdy” on many networks (Liberachat, Snoonet, OFTC, Tilde.Chat, apionet, some others)

If you send me marketing emails or solicit guest posts, I will block you and submit you to third-party blocklists without warning.

At least two platforms listed in the “Social (centralized)” category are not endorsed, and I’m trying to wind down my use of them. If you find a “Seirdy” somewhere else and don’t know whether or not it’s me, please contact me and ask instead of assuming that it must be me.

I used to have the Matrix ID I sometimes use for technical reasons ( runs a Conduit server but certain features only work in Synapse rooms).

If you want to follow me on the Fediverse, read my Fediverse greeting first


Selected projects

Analyze WeeChat logs to quantify, graph, forecast, and perform anomaly-detection on IRC channel activity. Written in Python; uses Pandas.
Generate passwords and analyze password strength given physical limits to computing. Based on a weblog/gemlog entry: Becoming physically immune to brute-force attacks. Written in Go.

Interests, preferences, et cetera

I ought to come up with more interests than these, but that sounds hard.

Inclusive design

I care a lot about accessibility, resource usage, and compatibility. My Web site may seem simple, but I put almost 20 thousand words of thought into its design in an effort to maximize its inclusivity. This site should work well whether you’re using Lynx, NetSurf, the Tor Browser with a screen reader, or a printout.

Many people frame accessibility and compatibility in terms of “percentage of users impacted” to justify ignoring certain demographics. I find that this mindset somewhat discriminatory. I prefer framing concerns in terms of “populations excluded”.

I have some skin in the game: I rely on forced colors and use often use screen readers for web browsing. This is a really helpful measure to reduce overstimulation, given my anxiety and ADHD. I encourage others in similar situations to try these measures.

Software freedom

While I care very much about “free software” (the name is confusing, it refers to freedom rather than price), I don’t share the same perspective as most “fossbros” and organizations like the FSF. Software freedom is important because it gives people agency instead of delegating control to an authority; it’s not valuable in and of itself, and promoting a “FOSS” alternative that has vulnerabilities and accessibility issues is sometimes counterproductive.

I think that simply meeting GNU’s definition of free software isn’t enough: it’s one of multiple requirements for software to avoid the possibility of user domestication.

Other tech stuff

Other technology-related interests include security, privacy, and open platforms.

I lean towards simplicity; I usually prefer line-mode command-line interfaces that follow the UNIX philosophy. If a piece of software is complex enough to require a funding round, I would rather avoid it. My reasons for preferring simplicity also relate to user autonomy: extremely complex software can’t be forked easily, creating dependence on the vendor. It’s also because I’m a bit paranoid and want to know everything that happens on my system.

There are exceptions, of course: I use a Linux distro with Systemd (Fedora), after all. When I use a graphical program, it’s typically for things for which graphics are an inherent requirement or for accessibility reasons (most textual user interfaces don’t play well with screen readers).

More information is available in my “uses” page.


I watch anime. Some of my favorites, in no particular order:

I think that at least one entry in that list has some problematic messages, but my personal interpretation was a bit unorthodox and it felt wrong to exclude it.


I’ve put together a periodically-updated list of tracks that I’ve rated 8/10 or higher in my mpd stickers database, auto-generated by some of my mpd-scripts. I’m a fan of glitch, trailer music, and symphonic and power metal; I’ve also recently been getting into Japanese rock thanks to a few anime openings. Some of my favorite artists are The Glitch Mob, Pretty Lights, Beats Antique, Hammerfall, Badflower, Celldweller and Scandroid, Helloween, Two Steps from Hell, Nightwish, Mili, and MYTH & ROID.

More about me

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