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It me! This is the personal website for Rohan Kumar Rohan Kumar, a.k.a. Seirdy (online handle).

Other versions of this website

In addition to its canonical URL, a “rough draft” of this website also exists on my Tildeverse page. This site’s content also appears on my Gemini space.

About me

The Director’s Cut of my bio is at my About page.

I'm a FLOSS enthusiast, software minimalist, and a CS+Math undergrad who likes watching anime and tweaking his Linux setup.

Git repos: Sourcehut, GitHub, and GitLab


Contact me via email (PGP), or on the Fediverse where I’m

Chat with me: I prefer IRC, where my nick is Seirdy on, Snoonet, OFTC, Tilde.Chat, and a few smaller networks. Alternatively, I’m on Matrix. I was previously, which is currently a secondary account.


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