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My personal IndieWeb site. I write about and develop software to promote user autonomy. Topics include accessibility, security, privacy, and software freedom.

About me

About this site

This is a basic IndieWeb site.

In addition to its canonical url, a “rough draft” of this website also exists on my Tildeverse page. This site’s content also appears on my Gemini capsule.

For more information about the site, its design, badges/awards, and available feeds: see the “meta” section. This site’s contents are authored by me, not generative AI.


Here’s a selection of my best articles, in featured order. To see the rest, visit my Articles page.

I edit some of these articles quite often; some are updated indefinitely. Check the “updated” timestamps.

Timestamp format: YYYY-MM-DD, as per RFC 3339 and ISO 8601. Sorted newest to oldest.

  1. Posted , updated

    A lengthy guide to making simple, inclusive sites focused on content before form. Emphasizes brutalist design and accessibility to include under-represented users.

    About 23 thousand words; a very long read

  2. Posted , updated

    WhatsApp's rise and recent PR efforts highlight a class of business models that I call "user domestication".

    3192 words; a read

  3. Posted , updated

    Documentation on which Fediverse blocklists I offer, how they are made, their differences, their caveats, and their intended use.

    About 8 thousand words; a long read


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